Since the year 2000 almost all the art I've made has been geometric. It's three-dimensional geometry that interests me, not two-dimensional. The finished work is partly sculpted, and hangs on the wall like an abstract icon in a shallow cabinet. Three-dimensional geometry consists of many polyhedra, of which I'm concerned with only the most simple: the Dodecahedron, the Cube, the Icosahedron, the Octahedron and the Tetrahedron. How these relate to one another is the subject of practically all the art I make. I consider geometric figures to be really beautiful, and that's why I'm committed to exploring them. Ultimately the work is structural, and the materials I use, whether colour or metal, plaster or paper, all aim at describing form. Colour usually appears only on the front surface, whereas metal leaf is applied to the sculptural aspects. Although the art I make can seem abstract from the worldly perspective, from the geometric point of view it's most real. The perfect Cube can never be drawn or sculpted by any artist for it exists in the mind alone.

Piers Jackson