Michael Woods 1995
George Melly 1998
George Melly 2004
Martin Sexton 2007
Ana Balona de Oliveira 2008
José L. Terrón Ponce 2012
Flora Alexandra Ogilvy 2015

The Crows

Piers Jackson has utilised the crow as his theme, depicting this carrion bird in a variety of postures, familiar to those who have witnessed these cloaked predators fight and squabble, ever vigilant and aggressively territorial. These images, stark black set against gold leaf, are immediately accessible and present the creature as humorous, mischievous, almost human in their characteristics, and therefore a little disturbing. They conjure-up archetypal aspects of our darker side, and point to a common primitive level of existence, forgotten but not lost. Just as the crow is renowned for its metaphysical properties, its magical transformation of shape, so too has Jackson cleverly managed to portray the multiplicity of this bird, as well as creating objects of a fetishistic quality. His paintings exert a curious mystical power, suggestively hypnotic, and we are reminded of alchemic totems and the simplicity of faith.

Michael Woods
( 1995)