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Evolution is the law of Life, Number is the law of the Universe, Unity is the law of God.

- Pythagoras -
What is a biography of the artist? At its purest the best biography is the work itself - in which the artist is the presence. Piers Jackson in his work undertakes a meticulous but also passionate approach as he attempts to offer a path seemingly towards a fusion of science & faith - With his cubes, his spheres, his stars & constellations, his sacred geometry, his totemic birds - the crows that have been a reoccurring motif over an expanse of more than a decade – and now the new shapes - the new geometry.

This new geometry began in 2000. I first exhibited Piers' work in 2005 at ‘Ark’ – an installation that took place in London Zoo during the Frieze International Art Fair. Then followed ‘Chthonic Tales’ at the Earl of St Germans Estate in Cornwall - an event that ran beneath the oldest continually inhabited house in Britain during the 2006 literary festival. A few months prior I had also included his Symphony in Black in Room 9 of Tate Britain as part of New Gothic. It was right that Piers Jackson’s art was shown in such contexts – a discipline that befits the context and narrative of which it is infused. It always struck me, that when so much contemporary art is at the service of commerce; Piers Jackson’s work –like only the rare and elusive best - is at the service of the mind.
  Indeed in November 2006 I witnessed his work at: ‘Mind & Memory’ an exhibition in conjunction with the book launch of 'Mind - a user's guide' by Professor John G. Taylor Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at King’s College. Then in December of 2006 I invited Piers to exhibit as part of Toffee Armistice, which took place during Art Miami Basel. The work I displayed as a collective: ‘Pop Noir’ of new emerging British artists. Piers Jackson's totemic Crows provided possibly the darkest and most beautiful of this Pop Noir - with his obsidian black pageantry of English crows against a startling gold relief. Piers Jackson has spent the past two years forming a new body of work to be exhibited at T1+2 Gallery in June/July 2008.

Martin Sexton